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Therapeutic Laser


Using Objective Data to Identify and Treat Knee Pain

Treating pain successfully means not only treating the symptoms of discomfort but sleuthing out the root cause, according to Joseph A. Zeni, Jr, PT, PhD, in the February/March 2020 issue of Physical Therapy Products.

Therapeutic Laser


Managing Pain Through Physical Therapy

From fundamental to futurisic, technologies in the PT clinic help reverse the downgrade in quality of life that pain symptoms can cause. A feature for the October/November 2017 Physical Therapy Products by Michele M. Knutson, PT.

Physical Modalities in Contemporary PT Practice

Pain management technologies give thrust to a strategy that leverages pain neurophysiology and the body’s use of pain as an alarm system. A feature for Physical Therapy Products by Thomas Denninger, DPT, OCS.

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