Therapists who treat patients affected by chronic pain are continually challenged to find solutions to help manage that pain. It is good news, then, that an effective alternative for treating chronic soft tissue pain expands the toolkit therapists can use to treat pain symptoms. The tool that Zimmer MedizinSystems, Irvine, Calif, adds to that toolkit is the mobile enPuls 2.0 Radial Pulse Therapy unit.

The mobile enPuls 2.0 device is a non-invasive treatment option that provides earlier intervention for soft tissue pain. The company describes it as a modality that can decrease patient treatment time and provide an alternative revenue stream for the practice. For clinical treatment, the enPuls 2.0 is built to deliver kinetic energy through an electromagnetic driven mechanism that propagates in a radial fashion into the surrounding soft tissue.   

According to a statement from Zimmer, clinics that add the enPuls 2.0 Radial Pulse Therapy unit to their treatment options will decrease the treatment time for chronic soft tissue pain patients and increase their efficiencies. The result, according to the company, is better outcomes for patients and the clinic.

Zimmer MedizinSystems describes the enPuls Radial Pulse therapy device as one of the company’s flagship products, noting that lasers, cryo therapy, stim / sound and radial pulse therapy are among other technologies for which the company is known.

Source: Zimmer MedizinSystems.