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Can SAM Treat Arthritis Pain? Study Will Soon Tell

ZetrOZ Systems, developer of sustained acoustic medicine (SAM) -- an FDA-cleared home-use ultrasound device designed to help reduce pain associated with tendon, ligament, and muscle injuries -- has received funding from the National Institute of Health (NIH) to research new ways to reduce arthritic pain utilizing non-surgical, non-narcotic technology.

Avoid Hip Arthroscopy in Patients with Hip Arthritis, HSS Researchers Suggest

The percentage of patients with hip arthritis who had a hip replacement within two years of hip arthroscopy was unacceptably high at 68%, according to a new study of more than 2,600 patients by investigators at Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS). Prior hip arthroscopy was also associated with significantly worse outcomes after hip replacement.

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One Lucky Fall for An Older Adult

When 71-year-old Lynda Holland smashed into the floor hip first her hips could have been shattered. Instead, the chronic pain she had suffered through for the previous 6 years instantly and substantially was reduced. It wasn’t supposed to work that way. The Washington Post reports about this medical mystery.

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