VQ OrthoCare, a provider of non-invasive, non-drug, medical solutions focused on bone, joint and soft-tissue conditions, introduces the OActive Align Osteoarthritis Knee Brace.

The OActive Align offers clinicians an easy solution for custom-fitting and aligning the brace to produce exceptional patient outcomes. The brace employs a unique combination of features that precisely fit the anatomy, align the brace hinge axis, and secure it in its most effective position for corrective pain relief. Dual Q-hinge angle adjustments and a heat formable tibial cuff, with an, included exothermic heat pack for custom molding, achieve this in a simple yet highly effective way.

“We’ve improved brace performance clinically by aligning the brace axis with the knee axis and provided a molded lower cuff to maintain that alignment. This does so much for suspension, comfort, and brace effectiveness, and we also made it easy for providers to custom-fit the brace at the highest level,” says Carl Macchia BBA, CO, Director of Product Marketing, Bracing.

The OActive Align is available in prefabricated sizes and custom-manufactured models measured with VQ OrthoCare’s proprietary digital measurement system, eCast.

“We developed and launched the first universal single upright brace back in 2009, and the 3rd generation of this technology truly meets the market needs for patients and providers,” says James Knape, President and CEO.

For more information, visit VQ OrthoCare.

[Source(s): VQ OrthoCare, PRWeb]