reboundBioMedical Life Systems Inc, a Vista, Calif-based maker of prescription pain relief devices for medical professionals, reports it has received FDA clearance to market its newest product, the REBOUND Health TENS device, without a prescription. This TENS is manufactured to be affordably priced and ideal for patients who do not have insurance or do not qualify for a TENS with their existing coverage. The REBOUND Health TENS unit is a compact, durable, portable unit packaged for retail sale with several accessories. The REBOUND TENS unit is effective and safe to use for pain relief from hip, low back and mid-back pain, elbow and wrist pain, shoulder and arm pain, knee pain, ankle pain, and joint and muscle pains. BioMedical Life Systems Inc, (800) 726-8367;

Neuromuscular Stimulator

sys*stim 240Mettler Electronics Corp, Anaheim, Calif, introduces the new Sys*Stim 240 neuromuscular stimulator featuring nine discrete waveforms designed to facilitate clinical versatility. New touch-sensitive M Wheel technology has been used to make starting a treatment quick and easy. The high-resolution color display allows the clinician to monitor all treatment parameters continuously. To further assist with pain-management techniques, the clinician can add full-featured light therapy capabilities to the Sys*Stim 240 by purchasing either the cluster or laser applicator package. Treatment protocols, complete with electrode placement guidance, allow the clinician to quickly program stimulation or light therapy treatment parameters. Mettler Electronics, (800) 854-9305;

Vectra Genisys Therapy System

vectra genisys therapyVectra Genisys Therapy System from Chattanooga, a DJO Global company, headquartered in Vista, Calif, is a modular therapy system that consolidates up to six therapeutic modalities in one device, and is offered at a cost that aims to be less than what these modalities might cost individually. The modular design lets a clinician choose what fits best in their clinical setting now, or enables them to easily add on to later without having to replace products. The system is designed to offer modularity for exceptional treatment versatility with six seamlessly integrated modalities under one roof (ultrasound, electrotherapy, ultrasound/electrotherapy combination, laser, sEMG, and sEMG + stim), and the clinician’s choice of therapy is now available from a single system. Don’t need all of these treatment options right away? The Vectra Genisys’ modular design enables them to be added on at a later time. Chattanooga, a DJO Global Company, (760) 727-1280;

Hot and Cold Therapy Wraps

hot cold therapySouthwest Technologies Inc, headquartered in North Kansas City, Mo, manufactures Elasto-Gel hot and cold therapy products. The product line consists of more than 40 different shapes and sizes so the wraps can best fit each person’s particular needs. Elasto-Gel products may be used for either hot or cold therapy and are manufactured to not leak if punctured. When heated the products provide moist therapy heat, and used cold the product is designed to provide soothing cold—without causing trauma to the skin or nerves. Southwest Technologies Inc, (800) 247-9951;

UltraSound Gel and Lotion

ultrasound gelThe Sombra Ultrasound Gel with Aloe from Sombra Professional Therapy Products, Albuquerque, NM, is a conductive agent formulated for clear ultrasound transmission. This medium-viscosity gel provides therapeutic ultrasound for diagnostic imaging and other external procedures requiring a thick medium. The gel has a smooth consistency for even spreading without running or drying. This product is also formulated to be hypoallergenic and long-lasting so that it will hold its form if heated. The Sombra Therapeutic Ultrasound Lotion with menthol and capsaicin is manufactured to provide a rich, creamy consistency, used as a coupling agent to enhance the effects of ultrasound therapy. Sombra Professional Therapy Products, (800) 225-3963;

Zimmer enPuls

zimmer enpulsBased in Irvine, Calif, Zimmer MedizinSystems offers the Zimmer enPuls for radial pulse therapy. The device is designed to treat soft-tissue pain in the office and is a cost-effective, nonsurgical alternative. The Zimmer enPuls uses an electromagnetic generator to produce a series of pulses that radiate through soft tissue to treat pain, increase blood circulation, and affect muscle tone. Leasing options for this device are available, as well as a 2-year warranty that includes overnighting a loaner device. The Zimmer enPuls can help a clinician increase productivity with shorter treatment times, and enables the clinician to have the first line of treatment in their office. Zimmer MedizinSystems, (800) 327-3576;

Patient Pain Education Book

pain education bookThe patient book Why Do I Hurt? by Adriaan Louw, PT, PhD, available exclusively from the Minneapolis-based OPTP, incorporates the latest neuroscience understanding of pain. This book, designed for patients and healthcare providers, was written to educate patients about how the nervous system and brain process information and contribute to pain. It includes discussion of tissue healing and nerve sensitization, spreading pain, the brain’s processing of a pain experience, various bodily systems defending during a pain experience, and various treatment options to help with pain. The book contains various metaphors, examples, and dozens of full-color images to enhance the learning experience. Furthermore, the book is designed to include the “must-know” neuroscience information in a condensed, affordable format. OPTP, (800) 367-7393;

Hot and Cold Therapy

battle creekThe Indiana-based Battle Creek Equipment Company has been providing American-made pain-management products since 1931. Thermophore Deep-Heat moist heat therapy packs have been in use for 50 years and now have enhanced features for maximum performance, including various sizes, switches, and covers to meet almost any moist heat therapy need. The Good2Go microwaveable pads deliver high-quality moist heat therapy in joint-specific designs. Ice It! ColdCOMFORT Systems feature hands-free Joint-Specific and Multi-Use styles for targeted cold therapy, along with handy refill cold-packs. Battle Creek Physical Therapy and Rehab products are manufactured to be ideal for clinic or home use. Battle Creek Equipment Company, (800) 253-0854;

Topical Pain-Relieving Gel

flexallDiscover the benefits of adding Flexall topical pain-relieving gels by Ari-Med Pharmaceuticals, Tempe, Ariz, to clinical and training room settings. Flexall gels aim to help increase patient compliance and enhance ultrasound, cryotherapy, TENS, and massage therapies. The company reports that in a recent study, a 25:75 Flexall and ultrasound gel mixture provided results equal to 100% ultrasound gel with an added analgesic sensation of warmth. Flexall (7% menthol) and Maximum Strength Flexall (16% menthol) are aloe vera gel formulas designed to provide fast, long-lasting relief from arthritis, backache, bursitis, tendinitis, muscle strains and sprains, bruises, and cramps. Flexall gels absorb quickly and completely, and are made to be greaseless, nonstaining, and gentle on the skin. Professional sizes of Flexall pain-relieving gels are available. Ari-Med Pharmaceuticals, (800) 527-4923;

Natural Pain Relief

sore no moreSore No More!, manufactured by Sore No More, Moab, Utah, is a blend of plant extracts that naturally provides effective relief for muscle aches, soreness, and more. Sore No More! has a topical anesthetic effect that depresses cutaneous sensory receptors. The formula is designed to absorb quickly and deeply, producing a synergistic effect that detoxifies tissues, relieves tight and tender joints, soothes muscle soreness, and reduces inflammation. Sore No More! aims to relieve pain effectively for a number of conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines, muscle aches and pains, muscle spasms, overexertion, fatigue, tendinitis, and diabetic neuropathy. A list of additional uses and applications is available on the Sore No More! website. Sore No More!, (800) 842-6622;

Cold Laser Therapy

cold laserThe Apollo 2,000 mW Cold Laser from Pivotal Health Solutions, headquartered in Watertown, SD, is the newest portable Class 3b cold laser in the Apollo line. Designed for use by a variety of healthcare professionals, the Apollo 2,000 mW Cold Laser’s portable and lightweight construction means it can be easily shared within the practice setting and is ideal for use by therapists, athletes, and patients on the road and at home. The flat design fits easily in the palm of a hand and is designed to be comfortable enough for patients to lie on for effective positioning during at-home back or neck treatments. The device features a simple on-and-off switch with no programming necessary and includes a 3D printed case with a built-in fan. Pivotal Health Solutions, (800) 743-7738;

Iontophoretic Drug Delivery System

activapatchThe ActivaPatch, available from Salt Lake City-based ActivaTek Inc, is engineered to be a technologically advanced, self-contained iontophoretic drug delivery system designed for the delivery of negatively charged ionic solutions. It is a wireless product designed and manufactured by ActivaTek Inc, the same firm that also developed the Trivarion, the Trivarion Butterfly, and the ActivaDose II. The ActivaPatch eliminates the need for a separate dose controller, and no saline fill is required to activate. Utilizing an intelligent, onboard microprocessor, the patch monitors skin impedance, detects skin resistance, and indicates treatment mode for clinician and patient. The ActivaPatch can deliver an 80mA*min dosage in just 2.5 hours, with a highly accurate delivery time. ActivaTek Inc, (800) 680-5520;

EVO Therapy System

evo therapy systemRich-Mar, Chattanooga, Tenn, a manufacturer of therapeutic modalities since 1968, offers the EVO (Every Viable Option) Therapy System. Providing a systematic approach to wellness backed by warranty, this customizable and upgradable platform provides up to seven modalities in one unit. The system features five independent channels of stimulation, including Quadpolar IFC, Pre Mod IFC, Russian, Hi Volt, and Microcurrent. The system also features Rich-Mar’s Therapy Hammer Ultrasound Applicator. The New Standard for 2014 features the company’s EVO Model CM4 with Therapy Hammer and Integrated Cart. Optional accessories include Hands-Free AutoSound Ultrasound Applicator, 200mW Laser Emmitter, and 500mW Light Cluster. Rich-Mar, (888) 549-4945;

Therapeutic Tape

kinesio tex goldKinesio Tex Gold FP from Kinesio, Albuquerque, NM, is a therapeutic tape developed exclusively for Kinesio professionals. Tex Gold is designed to bring Nano-touch stimulation to the epidermis and layers beneath, and is crafted to mimic gentle human touch while also providing a more effective hold. This therapeutic tape also features a higher-grade cotton with more breathability as well as a new protected weave process for improved comfort. The micro-grip deep-set adhesive manufacturing process provides better grip and hold with less adhesive surface area. Tex Gold is manufactured to be hypoallergenic and latex-free for all patient populations, and is exclusively available to medical care professionals. Kinesio, (888) 320-8273;


BioGraph Infiniti Software

biograph infinitiA new version of the BioGraph Infiniti software, which is specifically designed for clinical work, is now available from Thought Technology Ltd, Montreal. Version 6.0 of the BioGraph Infiniti software reportedly features a wide variety of usability features, a new sound engine, and a comprehensive set of computations. In addition, the upgraded software has graphical user manuals, weekly online training, context-dependent online help, and year-round workshops designed to ease the transition to this biofeedback and neurofeedback software. The new software also has DataLock technology to ensure the safety of data and has the capability to monitor a patient’s blood pressure before and after training. Thought Technology, (800) 361-3651;

SPECTRA 360 Electrode Gel

spectra 360SPECTRA 360 Electrode Gel, manufactured by Parker Laboratories, Fairfield, NJ, is a salt-free electrode gel recommended for all electromedical procedures. Its unusual stay-wet properties work by wetting the skin, thereby reducing skin resistance, as well as by its electrolytic properties. The crystal-clear formulation and no-salt properties of SPECTRA 360 make it especially suitable for such long-term applications as TENS, monitoring, and particularly pediatric monitoring. Parker Laboratories, (800) 631-8888;