The use of aquatic therapy to help train speed and agility in athletes will be discussed during an upcoming free webinar sponsored by HydroWorx.

Utilizing Aquatics for Speed & Agility Training,” led by Tony J. Testa, MEd, ATC, CSCS, director of sports medicine at Seton Hall University, will take place Tuesday, July 12, from 1 pm to 2 pm EDT.

Discussion topics will include: why water is an effective and safe environment to train speed and agility; the progression of speed training; linear acceleration and change-of-direction drills in an aquatic therapy pool using an underwater treadmill; video analysis; and specific training protocols.

Tesla will also illustrate his discussion points by demonstrating the underwater running drills and exercises he uses with his athletes. A Q&A session will take place after the discussion.

For more information and to register, visit HydroWorx.

[Source(s): HydroWorx, PRWeb]