Upright Technologies‘ products and services are now available to physical therapists who use Luna, delivering complete musculoskeletal care to patients, Upright announces in a media release.

Upright is a provider of connected posture back-health management through behavioral change, and Luna is a provider of on-demand physical therapy.

Upright’s device and app apply biofeedback and behavioral science to address the cause of MSK conditions, not just its symptoms. The combination of biofeedback and physical therapy has been clinically proven to assist patients and clinicians during rehabilitation delivering long-term outcomes, and it is now available to physical therapists who use Luna, per the release.

“Upright’s biofeedback enables you to practice new ways to control your body. Combined with Luna’s convenient and safe on-demand physical therapy, Luna and Upright are the winning combination for improving health conditions or physical performance.”

— Palak Shah, Luna head of physical therapy services

“We’re excited to work with Luna, our leading partner in on-demand physical therapy, to provide therapists access to our clinically validated services and products.

“The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to squash our professional lives into our home offices, and the increased desk time–especially in a non-ergonomic setup–accelerates physical strain, leading to musculoskeletal injury. Complete MSK care, based on biofeedback science and physical treatment, is more important now than ever.”

— Ori Fruhauf, co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer at Upright Technologies

[Source(s): Upright Technologies Inc, PR Newswire]