Shuttle Systems, headquartered in Glacier, Wash, markets the Shuttle MiniPress and MiniPress Lite, portable leg presses built to attach to any chair or wheelchair, eliminating the need for transfers. The company’s website notes that the product can be used while seated, standing, or supine.

The two versions of the product are designed to attach to any chair using retractable cords and features roller wheels to allow for portability. An adjustable footplate can be adjustable from horizontal to 75 degrees for various degrees of flexion. The security strap can be used to secure both the hand or foot, allowing for foot dorsiflexion exercises or as a heel cup in exercising hamstrings.

The site notes the product can also be used to accommodate total knee rehabilitation patients. The Shuttle MiniPress offers elasticord resistance, with resistance ranges from 2 pounds to 80 pounds in a 15-pound portable leg press. The MiniPress Lite provides 2 pounds to 50 pounds of progressive elastic resistance.

The product also features self-retracting securing cords and accurate tracking through Distance Indictor Stripes located on both rails to allow for the measurement and documentation of exercise distance traveled.

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[Source: Shuttle Systems]