Healthpointe of Southern California is now offering a physical therapy service tailored specifically for injured professional and amateur athletes at its various clinics, including those in Anaheim, Los Angeles, Corona, and La Mirada. Led by Dr Mojgan Rahimi, the service will apply sports medicine, physiology, and exercise elements to patients who are suffering from sports-related injuries, according to a press release from Healthpointe of Southern California.

The Sports Rehabilitation service consists of a wide variety of sports rehabilitation protocols and treatment methods, and its focus is on performing routine cardiovascular, stretching and strengthening, endurance, and balance training exercises to support various areas of the body, according to the release.

It is intended to augment Healthpointe’s abilities to treat injured athletes and return them to their normal physical activities in a timely manner. Additionally, patients are allowed access to various other services in the same location where they receive physical therapy, the release continues.

Program leader Rahimi has more than 28 years of experience as physical therapist, the release notes.

For more information about the new Sports Rehabilitation service, visit Healthpointe of Southern California.

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