Omada Health adds virtual musculoskeletal care to its suite of digital services with its acquisition of digital health startup Physera.

Physera was launched in 2015 as a way to deliver virtual physical therapy to help those who experience muscle and joint pain. It features video access to a nationwide network of licensed physical therapists for diagnosis and treatment, as well as in-application animations, voice prompts, digital exercise therapy, and other guidance designed to reduce musculoskeletal pain.

Through the deal, Omada adds Physera’s musculoskeletal solution to its suite of digital care programs for the prevention and self-management of diabetes, hypertension, and mental health, a media release from Omada Health notes.

Over the last 3 months as the COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated shelter in place orders across the country, telehealth visits for chronic care, physical therapy, mental health, and other care needs have risen significantly. Omada’s programs address all of the most prevalent and costly health issues for employers and health plans.

“Integrating a digital physical therapy solution better equips Omada to meet the pressing needs of the current moment, and accelerates our progression towards a fully integrated care experience to address the needs of our partners and participants,” said Omada CEO and co-founder Sean Duffy, in the release.

More than half of Americans report a chronic musculoskeletal condition in any given year, and nearly one in five healthcare visits are for a musculoskeletal issue. Total spending on musculoskeletal conditions in the United States exceeds $200 billion annually, with an average cost of $7,800 per person. More than 75% of patients with Type 2 diabetes or obesity report having at least one joint mobility issue, making Physera’s musculoskeletal capabilities a natural addition to Omada’s chronic disease program.

“Omada has been a pioneer in developing evidence-based, clinically rigorous programs that deliver real-world results,” shares Dan Rubinstein, CEO of Physera. “They’ve designed programs that deliver outcomes at scale while never forgetting a fundamental truth: in healthcare, human connection matters, especially when that care is delivered digitally. It’s a philosophy we’ve shared at Physera, and we are excited to join the Omada team.”

Physera achieves clinical outcomes and reduces spend by preempting avoidable treatments and procedures including prescriptions for opioids, specialist visits, imaging, and surgery. Physera is available through employers and health plans, as well as direct-to-consumers, per the release.

[Source(s): Omada Health, PRWeb]