An app designed by technology developer RxMx Corp, together with pharmaceutical company Roche, to help patients with multiple sclerosis better manage their condition has won a MedTech Breakthrough Award in the category of Patient Engagement Innovation, RxMx Corp announces.

The app is designed to automate administrative tasks to better allow care teams to engage with patients who need their care. For instance, using the app featuring a user-friendly interface, patients can coordinate and schedule upcoming treatments, review or update their next treatment date, view the clinic location and access critical product information, contact a nurse and access educational materials to learn more about their treatment.

The app feeds all of the data into a back-end system which provides the information directly to their health care team. It then sends reminders to patients to keep them on track with their treatment. Between the app and the coordinated effort with the healthcare team, the aim is to simplify the process for patients, the release explains.

The app answers common patient questions and provides automated reminders to patients that would otherwise be handled by the nursing team, therefore freeing up nurses’ time to allow them to engage with patients who need their care.

Nurses can more accurately track and view the patients’ journey in one platform, providing far greater insight into the patient experience. The patient support team also has visibility into the patients’ schedule to help them adhere to the treatment plan and, therefore, to keep them in the best possible health, the release continues.

“We’re extremely proud of our work with Roche on the patient app,” RxMx CEO George Hunnewell says in the release. “This program is incredibly successful in keeping patients engaged and adherent to their treatment, underscoring the need to support complex treatments with a digital companion app for patients.”

[Source(s): RxMx, PR Newswire]