A tendency in postpartum women is diastasis recti, a gap between the abdominal muscles that occurs during pregnancy and doesn’t close all the way afterward. The MuTu System uses specific exercises to help close the gap and strengthen the core. But does it work?

“Many people think that strengthening your ab muscles is what will help that ‘mommy pooch,’ but it’s really about re-educating both core and pelvic floor muscles in order for them to function properly,” says Rita Desai, Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), in an article published on Romper. “What you’re trying to do is reduce the separation between the abdominal wall muscles, and while you do that, your overall strength will increase.”

According to the article, the MuTu System is an online 12-week program created by Wendy Powell, a postpartum exercise and fitness specialist. Via the program, simple, focused exercises are performed for about 15 to 20 minutes per day to help diminish diastasis recti and help women lose that post-baby weight.

Traditional abdominal crunches, which are thought to further complicate diastasis recti, are avoided in the program. However, per the article, many physical therapists suggest that properly done abdominal bracing exercises are safe.

Desai stresses in the article that improving one’s core muscles postpartum takes more than just exercise. One’s daily life, from how one stands, walks, and sits, to how one carries things (including one’s baby) affects the core.

“You have to eat right and make a conscious decision to be fit,” Desai notes. “There are no quick fixes.”

[Source: Romper]