Opedix Core-Tec Kinetic Long Tights, available through RehabMart.com, are designed to anatomically direct the body’s muscles and joints in order to connect with the kinetic chain to alleviate common stresses that the body is engaged in. According to the company’s website, the garments are also intended to assist the body in healing during the course of postsurgical rehabilitation.

The Opedix Core-Tec Kinetic Long Tights are engineered with a breathable fabric to help control body temperature and to pull sweat away from the body. Additionally, the site notes to prevent slippage, the tights feature silicone elastic in the leg openings. The elastic draw cord in the waist is also designed to help prevent the Core-Tec tights from sliding.

The site adds that the tights are not for the treatment of edema or severe injury.

For more information, visit www.rehabmart.com

[Source: RehabMart.com]