Earthy Pillows offers Body Pillow Therapy, a head and body dual pillow that is designed to support therapeutic positioning for comfort and healing during rest and recovery from injury.

Made from a unique kabok fiber, the pillow is built to form a support that can enable therapeutic positioning to, for example, help decrease swelling in the upper and lower extremities, to help increase pelvic and hip support for sacro-iliac dysfunction and pregnancy patients, to aid lumbar disc patients who cannot lie flat, to assist with positioning for bedridden patients, and to help achieve proper sitting posture, according to the company’s website.

“Setting your body up (when you go to bed) with the natural kapok-filled Curvy Head Pillow and Body Pillow Therapy Body Pillow will give your whole body a stable supportive environment for restorative rest as well as injury recovery,” states its creator, Pam Blumenthal, in a media release.

[Source(s): Earthy Pillows, PR Newswire]