The Smart Heat Systems portable Triple Assorted Unit from Chardon, Ohio-based company Therapy Innovations LLC is built to accommodate healthcare professionals, including physical therapists and athletic trainers, on the go. According to the company website, it is fully self-contained and requires only a power source. The site says it also allows users to run up to three therapy pads on one plug.

The product is designed to heat up in less than 10 minutes and reheat in less than 5 minutes. A Triple Play cord is designed to work in a standard 120v socket and can heat up to three pads at a time, the site notes.

Comes in insulated travel bag with a little room for extra therapy pads.

The product includes one 12-inch by 12-inch standard pad, one 14-inch by 18-inch oversized pad, and one 16-inch by 8-inch neck pad, with covers.

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[Source: Therapy Innovations LLC]