Atlanta-based markets the Dumbell2 (DB2) as “the world’s first two-handed dumbbell.”

According to the company in a media release, the dumbbell has an easy-to-hold, two-handed design that is focused on the center weight, which helps utilize the muscles on both sides of the body equally.

Exercises incorporating the dumbbell may utilize rapid body movements, therefore increasing their cardio benefits; and may help improve core strength.

In addition, the DB2’s two-handed design lets people use smaller weights, yet perform an intense, full body strength and aerobic training session in a brief amount of time, per the release.

“New discoveries in health and science are constantly challenging us to rethink what we’ve always accepted in terms of health and fitness,” says Dr Diva Nagula, CEO of, in the release.

“DB2 is another example of how innovation is helping to grow the fitness market. We believe people of all ages and fitness levels can benefit from this product,” Nagula adds.

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