The LightSpeed, available from Duluth, Minn-based LightSpeed Running and Rehabilitation, is built to support one’s body during physical rehabilitation or athletic training.

According to the company’s website, the LightSpeed is designed to work with existing treadmills and allows for a controlled body weight lift of up to 35 pounds while walking or running. Simply set up a frame around the treadmill. Then use a pair of custom shorts or a lift-belt attachment device to raise and support the body.

Since the body weight support straps are adjustable, athletic trainers can add or remove weight as needed, so they could tailor therapeutic protocols to the patient’s needs and calibrate new ones as the injury heals. This enables the patient to exercise with normal gait mechanics and practice faster turnover even before the lower extremities heal, the website explains.

The LightSpeed may help reduce impact force, encourage better form, and increase running or walking speed, the company suggests.

For more information, contact LightSpeed Running and Rehabilitation.

[Source: LightSpeed Running and Rehabilitation]