Carlsbad, Calif-based sports medicine products and services company Breg Inc introduces three new products, as well as what it deems a technological innovation in knee bracing.

The products, officially introduced during the recent American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery annual meeting, include VPULSE deep vein thrombosis prevention therapy, and the FastForm upper-extremity brace and Genesis Mid-Calf Walker Boot. The innovation is called Dynamic bracing, according to a media release from Breg Inc.


VPULSE therapy is a hospital-to-home device that is engineered to deliver motorized cold therapy and wound compression to help prevent hospital readmissions due to blood clots.

FastForm copy

The FastForm upper extremity brace, reportedly an alternative to plastic or fiberglass casting, is constructed with PolyTrexX polymer that, when heated, becomes pliable and comfortable, and features DermaWick liner that wicks moisture away. Once molded to the patient, the brace cures to a high-strength, ventilated immobilization orthosis.

Genesis copy

The Genesis Mid-Calf Walker Boot is 24% shorter than a full-size boot and is designed to address problems of comfort and maneuverability, per the company.

Breg explains in the release that Dynamic bracing is available only on select Breg ligament knee braces and is conceived to help the body use its own movement to provide force only when needed. The brace then relieves pressure when force is not needed, enabling patients to experience freedom of movement. The technology is available for ACL/PCL, OA, and patellofemoral support.

“The technological innovation in these three new products and our Dynamic bracing exemplifies our ‘total solutions’ offering for the orthopedic practice,” says Brad Lee, Breg president and CEO, in the release. “Our products and services help lower costs and enhance patient satisfaction.

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