The Sit2Stand Trainer is the latest addition to Shirley, NY-based Biodex Medical Systems Inc’s line of Mobility Enhancement devices. The Sit2Stand is built to address proper biomechanics in an effort to offer users the lower-body strength required to achieve the sit-to-stand motion. Additionally, the product aims to contribute to upper-extremity strength gain to help diminish pain often created by upper-body compensation for lower-extremity weakness.

The Sit2Stand features adjustment levers and biomechanically positioned arm supports. A news release from the company notes that the product can be used in both physical rehabilitation and wellness settings. Its goal is provide a safe, progressive environment for a patient to move through standing motions, either independently or with a therapist’s guidance.

The release adds that a distinguishing feature of the Biodex Sit2Stand is the assistance profile, which is built to provide accommodating assistance to natural movement. The assistance corresponds with the sit-to-stand force output, providing more assistance where one is weaker, and less assistance where one is stronger.

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[Source: Biodex Medical Systems Inc]