The ice bath therapy provided by CET CryoSpas is now available for purchase in the United States, via a partnership between its Ireland-headquartered manufacturer and Hudson Aquatic Systems LLC.

“By offering CET CryoSpas ice bath products, Hudson is able to target customers who treat athletes and sports teams with the exact aquatic therapy rehab, training, conditioning and performance results they need,” says George Hunter, president of Hudson Aquatic Systems, in a media release from the Angola, Ind-based company.

“Following several US inquiries and recent installations in Florida spring training camps, CET CryoSpas is delighted to be partnering with Hudson Aquatic Systems in order to offer a premium installation and after-sales service to our US clients,” states Colin Edgar, CET managing director, in the release.

Hudson will introduce the new CryoSpas’ Mini during the National Athletic Trainer’s Association (NATA) Symposia and AT Expo, which takes place June 27 to 29 in Houston.

This latest addition to the CryoSpa line is specifically designed to provide ice therapy to elbows to help speed the recovery process for pitchers, tennis players, and other athletes whose arms have a tendency to be overstressed during play.

“The strategy for the CryoSpa Mini was developed to specifically target the problem of pitcher’s elbow when the Blue Jays were challenged with a potential career ending injury for some of baseball’s most valuable players,” Edgar adds, per the release.

Along with the new CryoSpa, Hudson Aquatic Systems will also introduce its own AquaFit underwater treadmill system and its updated features.

CryoSpas work with either cold or warm water, and, depending on the unit, offer immersion of the entire body or just one limb, such as an arm or an elbow. Four factors—turbulence, temperature, pressure, and salinity—work together to achieve the therapeutic effect.

[Source: Hudson Aquatic Systems LLC]