Hinge Health, a complete Digital Musculoskeletal Clinic, launches HingeConnect as a way to bridge the digital/in-person divide and enables real-time interventions by connecting Hinge Health’s Care Team across 71,000 clinical facilities.

The launch aims to set a new standard in personalized care via seamless electronic medical record (EMR) integration, real-time interventions, and robust care coordination between digital and in-person providers, Hinge Health notes in a news release.

How HingeConnect Works

Real-time interventions. EMR data from 750,000 providers across 71,000 care sites is proactively monitored to identify opportunities to offer less-invasive care by flagging select orders, such as surgery referrals or opiate prescriptions. Hinge Health’s care team can then intervene in real time with noninvasive and nonaddictive alternatives, such as digital care programs or the impulse therapy device, the Hinge Health Enso

Personalized and coordinated care plans. Each member’s medical history is automatically compiled to inform the Hinge Health care team of issues such as injuries, pain medication use, and comorbid conditions so care plans can be personalized and care coordinated.

Integrated medical history. By securely sharing Hinge Health outcome data with members’ external care providers, the platform promotes robust care coordination with in-person providers. 

“As digital care continues to grow, the opportunity and need to integrate with in-person care grows in lockstep. HingeConnect not only creates an integrated experience for members, but also affords Hinge Health the unique ability to identify patients early in their course of treatment.”

— Dr. Michael Fredericson, Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Stanford

“HingeConnect uniquely empowers our care team to see the whole picture and seamlessly coordinate care. What makes HingeConnect even more valuable is the speed at which our care team receives information: sometimes within an hour of an order being created. Our staff physicians can immediately intervene to offer alternatives to surgery, or our doctors of physical therapy can intervene to offer alternatives to opioids.” 

—  Dr. Jeff Krauss, Hinge Health’s chief medical officer

[Source: Hinge Health]

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