Hinge Health is acquiring the maker of Enso, a non-invasive, non-addictive technology used to help people with musculoskeletal (MSK) pain, the company announces.

The Hinge Health Enso is designed to deliver high-frequency pulse technology for electrical nerve stimulation and non-addictive pain relief, the company notes in a media release.

“Combining Hinge Health’s Digital MSK Clinic with Enso’s non-invasive high-frequency impulse technology opens a new world of pain management. Now Hinge Health’s members can access the same clinically effective solution we’ve recommended to thousands of our own patients.”

— Dr. Amitabh Gulati, director of the Chronic Pain Fellowship at Cornell’s Weil School of Medicine and president of the World Academy of Pain Medicine.

“Enso’s immediate, clinically validated pain relief complements our existing motion sensor technology and comprehensive clinical team.”

— Dr. Jeffrey Krauss, chief medical officer at Hinge Health

Enso Benefits

Hinge Health Enso is a wearable pain management solution that is:

  1. Strong, long-lasting, and non-addictive: In clinical trials, Enso delivered pain relief within seconds that was 3x greater than average opioid pain reduction, with none of its side effects.
  2. Convenient: Enso is completely wireless and can be worn anywhere on the body, even during exercise.
  3. Adaptive: Over time, Enso will personalize its stimulation patterns for you, leading to improved pain relief.
  4. Able to shorten disability: Enso has been shown to help members on long-term leave return to work sooner.
  5. Covered by workers’ compensation: Enso is already covered for workers’ compensation–related claims, and Hinge Health will continue investments in this space.

By integrating Enso with the Hinge Health clinical care model, Hinge Health Enso is particularly suited to help members avoid elective surgery and unnecessary opioid prescriptions, the release continues.

“We’ve spent almost a decade developing Enso’s high-frequency impulse technology to deliver unparalleled, non-invasive pain relief. It’s so exciting to work with Hinge Health to advance our original mission to offer this technology to the millions of people in need of relief.”

— Shaun Rahimi, Enso founder and CEO

[Source(s): Hinge Health, PRWeb]

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