Employer Direct Healthcare, a provider of full service surgical concierge and network services, announces a partnership with Hinge Health, a Digital Musculoskeletal Clinic, to help employers and health plans achieve clinical outcomes, avoid unneeded surgery, and address high MSK spend.

Employer Direct SurgeryPlus is adding Hinge Health to its provider network. As part of an integrated solution, members have access to Employer Direct SurgeryPlus concierge services and providers and Hinge Health’s advanced wearable technology and full clinical care team that includes doctors, PTs, expert specialists, and health coaches.

This clinical care model aims to go beyond digital physical therapy to treat the whole person and to create lasting change, according to a media release from Employer Direct Healthcare and Hinge Health.

“For many, surgery is the most costly and risky healthcare event experienced in their lifetime. By adding Hinge Health to the SurgeryPlus provider network, we have a combined opportunity to impact almost 10 million people to achieve better clinical outcomes and avoid unnecessary surgical procedures.”

— Hinge Health CEO and Co-founder, Daniel Perez

“Of course, surgery is always the last resort in any care plan, but for those patients that need it, quality and affordability are critical factors to consider when selecting a surgeon. Together we uniquely enhance the MSK patient experience with a high-touch, accessible, and personalized care plan that ensures an outcome-oriented and cost-controlled result. In addition, for clients with or evaluating SurgeryPlus, we can add this broader scope of services without any additional contracting, streamlining the process for our clients. This comprehensive approach is the future of healthcare.”

— Employer Direct Healthcare CEO, John Zutter

[Source(s): Employer Direct Healthcare, Hinge Health]

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