BetterPT online physical therapy providers are now featured on the healthcare search and review site CareDash, making it easier for patients in need of physical therapy to find an online provider without leaving home.

BetterPT, a New York-based startup, supports telehealth and provides appointment scheduling and digital solutions for physical therapy practices and groups. 

“BetterPT has built a powerful platform to drive online access to physical therapy, both through virtual telehealth appointments and online appointment scheduling,” Niklas Kubasek, SVP of Partnerships at CareDash, says in a media release. “We’re excited to bring improved access through this technology to the millions of patients who rely on CareDash to make decisions about their healthcare each month.” 

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CareDash has been working with BetterPT on a data sync that will help patients researching healthcare online to find and book appointments with physical therapists who can offer care remotely, thereby ensuring no disruption to their prescribed schedule of appointments. Additionally, BetterPT client profiles on CareDash are now updated with appointment scheduling tools, telehealth provider status, and detailed practice info, per the release. 

“For patients, establishing a routine with their care is necessary. I am excited to partner with CareDash to present telehealth options to patients. Together, our data show users which physical therapists offer quality care remotely, ensuring that wherever they are, they are able to make their therapy appointments.

Through our integrated healthcare platform, physical therapy clinics are able to seamlessly integrate virtual services into their patient’s course of care, ensuring the delivery of physical therapy and other types of services does not decrease, especially during these unprecedented times.”

— Greg Peters, CEO of BetterPT

[Source(s): CareDash, PR Newswire]