Arthrosurface, Inc, a developer joint restoration systems, performed its first ToeMotion total toe surgeries with Carl Hasselman, MD, at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) in Pittsburgh, Pa. According to an Arthosurface news release, Hasselman combined the new phalangeal implants with the existing HemiCAP metatarsal implants to create a total toe joint restoration.

Hasselman states, “The instant fixation, immediate weight-bearing and early motion is critical to the excellent outcomes my patients have experienced with the Arthrosurface system over the past decade.”

The ToeMotion Total Toe Restoration System, which was co-designed by Arthosurface, Hasselman, and Thomas San Giovanni, MD, of Doctor’s Hospital in Miami, FL, is designed to restore mobility and maintain native biomechanics using a dual curved HemiCAP DF implant and a new modular tray-style phalangeal implant with a threaded baseplate, as indicated on the Arthrosurface news release. The fourth generation fixation components provide stable constructs on both sides of the joint.

Giovanni says, “Today, patients are looking for an alternative to a toe fusion in order to preserve their mobility. Although toe fusion procedures can provide pain relief, they do not restore normal biomechanics and severely limit motion. Never moving their toe again is not a very appealing option to patients.”

Steve Ek, CEO of Arthrosurface, states, “Due to the prior success of the HemiCAP DF as well as the HemiCAP knee and shoulder systems, it became obvious that adding a phalangeal component to accompany the DF would be successful in the market. Proven fixation with implants that restore motion is a great new option.”

Source: Arthosurface, Inc