In a recent company news release, Topical BioMedics Inc, Rhinebeck, NY, a leader in research and development of topical natural biomedicines for pain relief, announced its partnership with the CORE HEALTH division of Vets Access LLC. The partnership is intended to provide customers a full line of Topricin pain relief and healing creams; patented topical biomedicine formulas designed to safely and effectively address muscle, joint, and nerve pain.

The release notes that COR HEALTH is a new division of Vets Access LLC, headquartered in Montrose, Mich, dedicated to offering natural, safe pain relief and healing products.

In the release, Lou Paradise, Topical BioMedics president, chief of research, and product formulator, explains that in order to begin to heal, the body requires assistance in removing excess fluids and toxins from the affected area, such as joints, nerves, and muscles.

“This takes the pressure off the micro-capillaries so that oxygen-rich blood can then flow to the area, so that optimum healing can begin, and at the same time natural sensing chemistries shut the pain signal off. Topricin works by first stimulating the lymphatic system to drain toxins and fluids from the affected area and returning oxygen-rich blood flow to the cells for maximum repair and healing,” Paradise says.

Paradise adds that the company is honored to partner with Vets Access, which was established by Dan Corcoran, a veteran with disabilities, along with his wife, Diane, and sons Darren, David, and Dan, Jr.

“By establishing COR HEALTH and offering Topricin pain relief and healing cream formulas, the company carries on our joint mission of restoring hope and quality of life for the many vulnerable populations of people, including the disabled, veterans, and the aging-at-home movement,” Paradise notes.

A Marine Corps veteran himself, the release states that Paradise invented Topricin in order to address the injuries he sustained following the physical demands of flying hundreds of helicopter combat/rescue missions in Vietnam.

According to the release, Topricin is patented for the topical treatment of pain linked to neuropathy and fibromyalgia. It is also odorless, greaseless, and free of parabens, petroleum, counterirritants, and other harsh chemicals.

[Source(s): Topical BioMedics, Vets Access LLC]