The Biomechanics Special Interest Group of the Academy of Physical Therapy Research has presented its Career Excellence in Biomechanics Research Award to Philip McClure, PT, PhD, FAPTA, vice president of MedRisk’s International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB).

“Dr McClure is recognized as a world expert in biomechanics of the shoulder,” says Ryan Zarzycki, PT, PhD, vice chair of the Biomechanics SIG, in a media release from MedRisk. “He has authored over 60 peer-reviewed publications in the areas of scapular kinematics and rotator cuff tendinopathy.”

McClure chairs Arcadia University’s Department of Physical Therapy and leads ISAB, a panel of physical medicine experts who conduct and review research in musculoskeletal treatment and apply findings to MedRisk’s evidence-based guidelines for physical medicine in workers’ compensation.

He also oversees the group’s contributions to the clinical development and enhancement of the company’s services including, managed care for physical medicine and telerehabilitation.

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“We value Phil’s involvement with APTA and its Academy of Physical Therapy Research, and are extremely proud of his accomplishments,” says Mary O’Donoghue, COO of King of Prussia-based MedRisk, in the release. “His research helps inform our guidelines and ISAB’s research initiatives.”

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[Source(s): MedRisk, Business Wire]