Digital healthcare platform company BetterPT has joined forces with CM&F Group to offer an expanded network of care and personalized insurance coverage for physical therapy clinics, individual practitioners, and students.

Via this partnership, BetterPT will be able to give its physical therapy clinic clients access to CM&F’s customizable liability insurance coverage plan options, allowing physical therapy professionals to do research online and to narrow down their options without lengthy phone calls to potential providers. This pairing will also negate the need to wait for long periods between physical therapy providers beginning their search and selecting the coverage they desire, per a BetterPT news release.

For more than 30 years, CM&F has provided insurance solutions to those in the physical therapy profession, allowing both individuals and groups to choose the coverage that best suits their practice needs. Like the clinics themselves offering their patients the best possible care with each visit, CM&F’s addition into the BetterPT network will provide customized service for those serving these types of patients, making it possible to select coverage on an individual or a practice-wide level that is as portable as the care provided each day, the release continues.

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