Aquatic Therapy University (ATU) will present a 2-week Aquatic Therapy Intensive course, which will offer attendees the opportunity to earn their Aquaticist credential. The educational course will cover a broad cross-section of the most popular courses from ATU’s musculo-, pediatric-, sports-, and general-studies tracks, according to an online course description. The 2-week intensive will cover 80 hours in 10 days. The course will be in San Juan, Puerto Rico, from August 9 to 18.

The tentative schedule for the ATU class is an 8 am meet time with classes ending at 5 pm daily. Lectures are in the mornings, and pool labs meet after lunch (provided), where students get to apply what they learned in the morning with the help of hands-on instruction by the course instructors.

Students will earn their Aquaticist credential upon completion of the course. The online course description also notes that instructor candidates will earn an additional 8 hours (preconference) and an additional 16 hours  (at home training). Instructor candidates are welcome to register for the one of ATU’s I Want to Teach! workshops, which are being held in conjunction with the 2-week intensive.

Participants have the option of attending the entire 10-day intensive or register for the courses a la carte. The a la carte options include: hands-on aquatic therapy polyclinic for the ortho/neuro therapist; water-based interventions for musculoskeletal disorders; aquatic sensory and motor integration for the pediatric therapist; evidence-based aquatic therapy protocols for the geriatric population; and aquatic training options for the collegiate, professional, and elite athlete.

Andrea Salzman, MS, PT, AqM, Kathleen “Kiki” Dickinson, MPT, PAqIl, and Kimberly Gordon, MPT, will be the instructors for the 2-week workshop. To register for the educational course, visit

[Source: Aquatic Therapy University]