OneStep, a digital physical therapy platform using science that turns any smartphone into a clinical-grade motion analysis lab, announces its capabilities are expanding to monitor the upper body.

OneStep’s patented technology transforms a patient’s cell phone into a miniaturized gait analysis lab, recording powerful statistics while in use. When a person takes a walk with their smartphone in their pocket, after as little as 30 seconds, the app is capable of recording clinically validated gait parameters. The cell phone is easily used to capture upper extremity range of motion as well, for instance by holding the phone and moving the arm. These measurements are particularly important after surgery to measure recovery and functionality of joints.

With OneStep, patients are able to connect directly with a physical therapist, and communicate in real-time through the app, conveniently from the comfort of their home. Licensed physical therapists create a personalized care plan for each patient, based upon their specific condition and goals. Clinicians can use the fully configurable OneStep platform, including a library of 700+ video exercises, to adapt each program to the needs of the individual patient and create templates for frequent protocols.

OneStep has expanded its technology to include upper body capabilities and help an even greater number of patients to recover and overcome their injuries, and move in a healthier way. OneStep will now measure range of motion in patients with common upper extremity related conditions such as rotator cuff injuries, chronic neck pain and other neuro-musculoskeletal conditions. Patients have access to step-by-step tutorials through OneStep’s home care program, ensuring they complete daily exercises to restore their strength and increase their range of motion.

“This is a giant step forward in extending physical therapy into the day-to-day life of more patients,” said Tomer Shussman, CEO at OneStep. “The value of real-life motion data can’t be overstated. With this launch, OneStep is providing patients and clinicians an entirely new set of care programs – making it easier for patients to get the care they need.”

OneStep is currently innovating a patented mobility-assessment tool for people with upper-extremity conditions. Like their unique gait analysis program, it is intended to provide a definable metric through which patients can track their recovery. It will ultimately be housed within the OneStep app, meaning no additional wearables will be required. This ease of access aligns with OneStep’s mission of extending physical therapy beyond the clinic and providing for an ‘anytime, anywhere’ model.

To download the OneStep app visit the App Store and Google Play.

[Source(s): OneStep, GlobeNewswire]