The Parkinson’s Foundation and, a leader in data mesh (a self-service, no-code/low-code, decentralized, domain-driven software platform), announce a partnership that will help accelerate research into the causes and treatment of PD.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Parkinson’s Foundation, a global leader in improving life for those living with Parkinson’s disease,” said Tom Covington, CEO of “With this partnership, for the first time, researchers across organizations will be able to investigate harmonized, clinical and genomics data products using the most advanced data mesh framework, to help advance research into the causes and treatment of Parkinson’s disease.”

The partnership with Parkinson’s Foundation will enable researchers across organizations to securely analyze and share anonymized data combining clinical and genomics data sets with millions of variants and thousands of clinical parameters. Data Products interrogated via Apps and developer environments within the platform provide detailed insights on disease progression and map clinically relevant PD-related genes. The goal is to improve care for PD by accelerating and supporting research to advance improved treatments and personalized medicine.

“By providing the research community with tools and a library of data, we hope to make strides in advancing Parkinson’s research, spark discoveries in treatment and improve the overall care of people living with the disease,” said Parkinson’s Foundation Chief Scientific Officer James Beck, PhD.

The Parkinson’s Foundation will support the research community by linking multiple deidentified datasets from PD GENEration: Mapping the Future of Parkinson’s Disease, a national initiative that provides genetic testing and counseling for seven PD-related genes to individuals with a confirmed PD diagnosis at no cost. The study aims to help people with PD and their physicians identify whether they qualify for enrollment in certain clinical trials based on their results. The newly established partnership will support the study’s goal of improving PD care by accelerating and supporting research to advance improved treatments and personalized medicine.

[Source(s):, Business Wire]