VelocityEHS, a provider of cloud-based environmental, health, safety (EHS) and environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) software, announces, as part of its mission to make workplaces safer and more sustainable and in observance of National Safety Month, it has joined the National Safety Council (NSC), America’s leading nonprofit safety advocate, and more than a dozen of the nation’s leading employers, in signing the MSD Pledge to address the most common workplace injury: musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

Kicking off during National Safety Month, the pledge represents a first-of-its-kind commitment from employers to identify and reduce MSDs across workplaces worldwide by 25% by 2025. MSDs cost employers billions of dollars every year in worker compensation and lost productivity and are the leading cause of disability, early retirement, and limitations to gainful employment.

VelocityEHS has been on the frontlines of fighting MSDs for more than 40 years and leads the industry in innovative MSD risk prevention through its proprietary ActiveEHS approach. Its Ergonomics Solution, part of the Accelerate Platform, is a true-cloud SaaS offering that combines artificial intelligence (AI) and the deep domain expertise of VelocityEHS certified EHS/ESG professionals to help non-experts achieve expert-level results in ergonomics.

These capabilities support a key initiative of the MSD Pledge, which is to utilize next-generation intelligence and machine learning tools to explore current and future MSD innovations and trends.
“This work is our passion; it’s in our DNA, it’s what we do,” said VelocityEHS CEO John Damgaard. “Our panel of in-house experts includes the industry’s largest team of board-certified professional ergonomists (CPEs), certified safety professionals (CSPs), and certified industrial hygienists (CIHs) and AI + machine learning scientists. We are proud to support NSC’s pledge, and excited to have so many global leaders join us in our ongoing commitment to reducing MSDs in the workplace.”

Industrial Ergonomics from Velocity offers the industry’s best sensorless, motion-capture technology, which performs ergonomics assessments faster, easier, and more accurately than any human could. The solution then guides users through suggested root-causes and job improvement controls where recommendations are based on AI and machine learning insights fed by data from hundreds of global enterprise customers and millions of MSD risk data points.

“While there are no sirens associated with this issue, its impact is alarming — and we’re asking workplaces everywhere to join us in this effort to keep workers safe,” said Lorraine Martin, NSC president and CEO. “At NSC, our mission is not only to save lives, but also to prevent injuries and the MSD Pledge is an important step forward to help solve this problem. That way, people can spend more time doing the things they love with the people they love, which is precisely what this month, National Safety Month, represents.”

Along with NSC and VelocityEHS, founding pledge members include Amazon, the American Industrial Hygiene Association, Cummins, and United Airlines. MSD pledge members will participate in the MSD Solutions Index, an annual company index that analyzes the benefits of the pledge over time. The index will aggregate data on risk reduction strategies, workplace safety culture, and innovation and collaboration, while also identifying areas for targeted action and uncovering trends to inform future approaches in solving this critical workplace safety issue.

[Source(s): VelocityEHS, GlobeNewswire]