WorkWell announces the launch of its Managed Onsite PT Clinics to prevent and treat workplace injuries onsite quickly and cost-effectively. 

MSK injuries are the most common workplace injuries that negatively affect workers’ physical and emotional health and result in a lost productivity from absenteeism and presenteeism. WorkWell’s Managed Onsite PT Clinics proactively identify injury risks and treat work-related MSK injuries before impacting people’s economic livelihood.

WorkWell’s Managed Service model allows companies to completely outsource their Onsite PT clinics to WorkWell, including entire clinic set-up, staffing with specialized credentialed physical therapists and occupational therapists, compliance reporting, and ongoing clinic management. In addition, a team of WorkWell experts in compliance, MSK best practices, ergonomics, and occupational MSK supports the Onsite PT clinics, a media release from WorkWell explains.

“Companies leveraging WorkWell Managed Onsite PT Clinics can identify risks, prevent injuries, and help injured employees return to work quickly and safely. In addition, during the ‘Big Resignation,’ onsite PT services become part of a total wellness program that begins with helping firms make informed hiring decisions to ensure employment candidates can safely do the job as well as provided added benefits to recruit and retain employees.” 

— Karil Reinhold, Chief Executive Officer at WorkWell

Benefits of WorkWell Managed Onsite PT Clinics

  • It’s a Turnkey Program – WorkWell provides the people, skills, clinical, and administrative expertise to successfully run a compliant musculoskeletal program.
  • Expert Advice – Behind every program is an entire team of Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and compliance experts with the latest injury prevention and treatment insights.
  • Industry -Standard program design –WorkWell understands the impact of presenteeism and absenteeism on productivity and the level of engagement it takes to see results. Programs take an evidence-based approach using extensive data from WorkWell’s comprehensive database.
  • Visibility – Monthly operational reporting and analysis, including coordinated scheduled case reviews with the onsite clinician and client stakeholders.
  • Scalability – A managed services program provides the scalability needed to ride the peaks and troughs of hiring.
  • Enhanced Safety Culture – Being able to move without pain is critical to an individual’s productivity. Managed onsite clinics contribute significantly to employees’ health and well-being by reducing risk, boosting morale, and creating employee trust.
  • Employee Trust – A good program engages employees regularly and establishes trust.

[Source(s): WorkWell Prevention & Care, PR Newswire]

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