WorkWell announces significant enhancements to its Workplace Safety Hiring Services that support the hiring demands of the changing workforce. These enhancements include more flexibility in creating and accessing functional job descriptions and post-offer employment testing (POET).

WorkWell’s new capabilities ensure that human resource personnel and applicants have accurate and understandable job information regarding essential functions, tasks, and physical demands to make sure they hire the right fit for safe work, according to a media release from WorkWell.

“Musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace are common and costly. Workers performing tasks that involve heavy material handling or repetitive tasks are specifically vulnerable to injury. Furthermore, a vast number of injuries occur in the first year of hire.

“With WorkWell’s sophisticated Functional Job Descriptions and POET programs, organizations can increase productivity by hiring the right workers and decrease work-related injuries which result in increased productivity with 80% fewer workdays lost and lower workers’ compensation costs.”

— Karil Reibold, Chief Executive Officer at WorkWell

Flexibility in Functional Job Descriptions

WorkWell’s new capabilities enhance flexibility in its Functional Job Descriptions program. Organizations can now have single or multi-position functional job descriptions that show both the full scope of a job while distinguishing the physical demands of each position separately to support the practicalities of evolving work practices.

Stakeholders across the organization can now access direct on-demand functional job descriptions and reports. Whether for hiring, injury prevention, or ergonomics, stakeholders can view data in a format that fits their needs, including table summaries, icons, and photos to allow employers a range of ways to present information to applicants to boost injury prevention and workplace safety.  

The new features build on the ability to document worker involvement in developing and validating job descriptions consistent with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) best practices.

Physical Testing

Improved functionality in WorkWell’s post-offer employment (POET) testing program of functional physical task and job demands now ensure coordination with other medical testing to ensure employment candidates can safely do the job. Also new are functional testing options relevant to routine/cyclical work or variable types of job demands.

WorkWell Workplace Safety Hiring Services

WorkWell Workplace Safety Hiring Services ensure employment candidates can safely do the jobPost-Offer Employment Testing (POET) and Functional Job Descriptions (FJD) help organizations hire qualified people for their work environment. 

Determining a job’s physical requirements starts with an objective functional job analysis (FJA) of essential and non-essential tasks and work environment. The FJA analysis is then used to produce/update a Functional Job Description (FJD). The evidence-based information in the FJD documents the minimum physical requirements necessary to perform work duties safely.

The POET is the post-offer/pre-hire physical abilities examination performed by licensed medical professionals trained in WorkWell’s POET program.

[Source(s): WorkWell Prevention and Care, PR Newswire]

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