WorkWell debuts its new new brand identity and website reflecting its industry leadership in workplace safety and its innovative and resilient spirit.

The redesigned website offers immediate access to essential service and company information through a streamlined user interface and easy navigation. The website functionality enables customers and visitors to learn more easily about WorkWell’s musculoskeletal (MSK) wellness services and programs and quickly access helpful information.  

In addition, the WorkWell logo has been updated with a modern look to reflect who the company is today and symbolizes its dynamic future, the company notes in a media release.

“As we redesigned the creative, we wanted to match our visual identity with our overarching mission to make people and organizations better tomorrow than they were today. The phoenix is a symbol of hope and safety.”

— Karil Reibold, Acting Chief Executive Officer at WorkWell

  • The new logo symbolizes safety and caring, reflecting WorkWell’s mission to help companies create a world-class safety culture by managing their most valued assets – their employees. The phoenix’s upward motion is a visual representation of the importance of treating employees throughout their entire employment journey – before, during, and post-employment as they transcend to future success.
  • The phoenix also symbolizes knowledge and communication. WorkWell’s industry-leading provider training keeps our Physical Therapists/Occupational Therapists informed and educated so that they deliver the best outcomes for their clients. In addition, we value the effectiveness of our managed on-site care programs. Finally, we believe that employee communication and engagement are vital to any safety program and helps companies identify risks, prevent injuries, and keep their employees at work.
  • The phoenix also symbolizes overcoming adversity. Being able to move without pain is critical to an individual’s productivity and livelihood. WorkWell’s musculoskeletal wellness solutions are a vital component of any world-class safety program and contribute significantly to employees’ productivity, health, and well-being by reducing risk, boosting morale, and creating employee trust.

[Source(s): WorkWell Prevention & Care, PR Newswire]

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