Agility Health Inc, a provider of physical rehabilitation and software services for patients, healthcare providers, and employers, has reportedly expanded its service relationship with Ford Motor Company.

An Agility Health news release notes that the company’s Industrial Rehab Division has added an additional clinic with the Ford Motor Company, at its Chicago-based assembly plant.

Steve Davidson, CEO, Agility Health, articulates the company’s excitement in expanding its relationship with the Ford Motor Company, pointing out that “On-site physical rehabilitation, fitness, ergonomic training, and wellness have been proven to benefit workers and their employers.”

Davidson adds in the release that reported benefits to its corporate clients include lower work-related injuries, faster recovery from injuries when they do occur, lower absenteeism, and improved overall health of employees.

The release notes that through its subsidiary and principal operating entity, Agility Health LLC, Agility Health operates a multistate network of outpatient rehabilitation clinics and provides contracted services to hospitals, nursing homes, and other institutional clients, providing care and treatment for orthopedic-related disorders, sports-related injuries, preventative care, rehabilitation of injured workers, and a variety of other injuries and conditions.

[Source: Agility Health LLC]