MedRisk and Raintree Systems have announced a joint partnership to help reduce the administration burden for physical therapists in workers’ compensation.

MedRisk, a provider of managed physical medicine for the workers’ compensation industry, will integrate with Raintree’s practice management and electronic medical record (EMR) software, which was designed specifically for physical therapy.

Network providers who use Raintree’s EMR software will see no change in their current workflow; however, they will benefit from the interface. Automation of claim and clinical documentation delivery, simplification of authorization workflows, and expediting claim adjudication are among the strategic objectives planned, according to a media release.

“We are excited about working with the largest physical therapy managed care company in work comp to drive operational efficiencies and empower providers to focus on rehabilitating injured workers,” says Raintree President and COO Terrence Sims.

The Raintree-MedRisk partnership will provide innovative solutions that leverage technology to improve efficiency and productivity for all stakeholders, per the release.

“The partnership with Raintree delivers value to patients, providers, and claims professionals,” states MedRisk’s Chief Strategy Officer Michelle Buckman. “It’s all part of our continued dedication to using technology to improve patient care and create efficiencies for our valued providers and payer clients.”

[Source(s): MedRisk, Raintree Systems, Business Wire]