As part of National Concussion Awareness Day, SportsEdTV announces it has partnered with TeachAids to include CrashCourse concussion education materials among SportsEdTV’s free multi-sports instruction videos on its website.

Robert Mazzucchelli, Chairman of SportsEdTV and Dr. Piya Sorcar, CEO of the nonprofit TeachAids, are proud to join in this effort to make sport safer, a media release from TeachAids notes. 

In the release, SportsEdTV CEO Victor Bergonzoli describes the effort as “as a natural alliance which maximizes the efforts of both parties to promote sports by working to make them safer for all participants through a better understanding and dissemination of head injuries in the world of youth sports.”

In collaboration with more than 100 medical and industry experts, TeachAids created CrashCourse to improve understanding and awareness surrounding concussions among youth athletes in all sports. The curriculum integrates state-of-the-art technology and interactive features to appeal specifically to athletes growing up in the digital native generation.

“We are excited to expand our reach of CrashCourse concussion education products for athletes, coaches and parents through the incredible worldwide reach of SpotsEdTV. We look forward to working with the SportsEdTV leadership to add continued diversity and quality to their platform.”

— Dr. Piya Sorcar, founder and CEO of TeachAids

To view the CrashCourse curriculum, visit SportsEdTV.

[Source: TeachAids]

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