The National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS), in partnership with TeachAids, now offers the CrashCourse concussion education curriculum to its youth sports programs nationwide via its website.

TeachAids creates technology to solve persistent problems in health education around the world. Its products are designed with input from an interdisciplinary team of academics, researchers, doctors, and athletes associated with leading organizations and institutions such as Stanford University, Harvard University and beyond.

TeachAids has developed “CrashCourse,” a suite of interactive products focused on the prevention and treatment of concussions and related mental health issues. This education has been designed to teach athletes, parents, coaches and administrators about concussions. CrashCourse products include up-to-date scientific knowledge and help to dispel myths and misconceptions about the concussion recovery process. It also serves as a resource for athletic trainers, rehab specialists and physicians.

“Ensuring the safety and well-being of our 60 million registered participants in organized youth sports is our highest priority. We’ve admired the tremendous momentum the CrashCourse concussion education program has had in our sports community and are proud to welcome TeachAids as a thought partner. Together we hope to make a sizable impact on making sports safer.”

— Wayne B. Moss, NCYS Executive Director

Safety is one of four priority pillars for NCYS. Other areas of importance include increasing program quality, access and advocating for youth outcomes. NCYS has a goal of reaching one million people by coach and administrator training, implementing background screenings, and helping parents to recognize and prevent abuse by 2024.

“NCYS member organizations are the first experience most youth have in organized sport. It is imperative that all stakeholders – parents, coaches and administrators – totally commit to making the experience an enjoyable one.

“Ensuring the safest environment for our youth is the most important role sports administrators play. NCYS and CrashCourse are proud to partner and provide what we believe to be the gold standard in concussion education.”

— NCYS Board Chair, Adam Andrasko

“The formative years of a child’s life are especially precious. NCYS’ commitment and investment in this experience is unparalleled. We are deeply honored to join forces with NCYS. Together we’ll do our very best to enhance the learning and playing environments for our nation’s youth.”

— Piya Sorcar, Founder and CEO of TeachAids

[Source: TeachAids]

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