USA Lacrosse, the governing body of lacrosse in the United States, and TeachAids, the nonprofit social enterprise behind the CrashCourse concussion education technology, announce a new partnership. 

TeachAids creates technology to solve persistent problems in health education around the world. Their products are designed with input from a team of academics, researchers, doctors, and athletes associated with leading organizations and institutions such as Stanford University, Harvard University and beyond.

TeachAids has developed “CrashCourse,” a suite of interactive products focused on the prevention and treatment of concussions and related mental health issues. CrashCourse products help dispel myths and misconceptions about the concussion recovery process. They also serve as resources for athletic trainers, rehab specialists and physicians. 

Over the past 2 years, USA Lacrosse and TeachAids have collaborated closely to launch two innovative concussion education programs. First was the Brain Fly-Through, which uses state-of-the-art technology from Stanford University’s Neurosurgical simulation and Virtual Reality Center to conceptualize an otherwise “invisible” injury. Second was the Concussion Story Wall, an interactive database featuring more than 700 individuals’ stories describing personal concussion experiences.

On the heels of launching these products, USA Lacrosse and TeachAids will be working together to produce a new multi-sport curriculum with highlights from this sport. 

“It is important for everyone, not just coaches, parents and athletes, to understand the signs and symptoms of a concussion, and how to respond if a concussion has been sustained. In an effort to promote positive health and safety to our entire community, USA Lacrosse will continue to work with the USOPC and other sports’ governing bodies to support and promote the CrashCourse content as a vital resource. 

— Kevin Greene, Director of Coach and Athlete Development

“We are excited to be working with such a popular sport to help further the safety and enjoyment of its participants. The leadership of USA Lacrosse provides an impressive model of commitment to player and coach health education.” 

— Dr. Piya Sorcar, TeachAids Founder and CEO

The CrashCourse curriculum will be instituted throughout USA Lacrosse’s educational programs nationwide via its website, and e-Learning platform for members.

[Source: TeachAids]

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