As a safe alternative to opioids, Spand-Ice offers wearable hot/cold therapy wraps, designed to help relieve and manage pain, as well as to support mothers throughout their pregnancy and during their postpartum recovery.


The Maternity Relief Wrap—the Pittsburgh-based, woman-owned company’s flagship product—is designed to provide belly support, compression, and back pain relief to new and expecting mothers as their bodies get ready for baby. It features adjustable compression straps and a contoured design to allow for an adaptable, personalized fit as the woman’s body changes


The Recovery Wrap is a highly adaptable hot/cold therapy product, designed to treat both back and hip pain, as well as provide relief with postpartum, C-section recovery, and breastfeeding challenges after the baby arrives. The wrap offers a personalized fit to provide convenient support designed to reduce pain, inflammation, and muscle soreness throughout the day.



The Revive Tank is a wearable vest designed to be worn under clothing, and features two pockets for holding hot/cold therapy packs to provide targeted treatment for both mid and lower back pain for up to 3+ hours at a time. The vest features a contoured design and adjustable compression straps to secure it in place. Both men’s and women’s styles are available.

[Source: Spand-Ice]