Venture Heat announces that its Infrared Heat Therapy Pain Relief using Far Infrared Rays (FIR) has received clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The pain management solution is designed to use FIR heat therapy, which is a type of low-energy therapy that takes advantage of heat generated by waves of energy from the far end of the infrared spectrum.

The wraps are made from flexible neoprene rubber and lined with soft fleece for maximum comfort. They feature 3D tailoring, designed to not only help the wraps fit better, but also ensure that heat is delivered directly to painful areas, according to the company in a news release.

“Typically, people use electric heating pads, microwaveable packs, hot water bottles, chemically activated patches and other heat-therapy applications,” says Eddie Chen, president of Venture Heat, in the release.

“Many methods of heat therapy require heat to be placed directly on the skin. Our Pain Relief line produces a deep, penetrating, soothing, and therapeutic heat that starts as infrared light, quickly turning to heat once it hits the source and origin of your discomfort.”

This and other Venture Heat products safely use low 12-V DC for plug-in use at home and a 12-V Lithium Ion battery for use on the go.

For more information, visit Venture Heat.

[Source(s): Venture Heat, Business Wire]