The Pain Educators Forum offers pain management education for frontline practitioners who are attending the 13th annual PAINWeek conference. Dedicated to the tenet that “Education is the best analgesic,” the forum will take place September 4 and 5 during the conference.

Senior PAINWeek faculty member David M. Glick, DC, DAIPM, CPE, FASPE, comments that his course, “Clinical Pearls: Unraveling the Secrets of Imaging Studies,” starts with the concept of reading the patient, not the imaging study.

“While the information gleaned from imaging studies can be lifesaving, they might lead to unnecessary pain and suffering, not to mention the monetary cost of mistaken diagnosis. Patients often assume technology holds the key to solving their clinical problems. Practitioners are often pressed for time, which can also lead to a reliance upon the technology. However, the presence of pathology alone on a picture may not be clinically relevant. So how can any clinician be sure that when a disc pathology is present that it’s clinically relevant and significant?” he shares.

Kathryn A. Schopmeyer, PT, DPT, CPE, will present “The Unbearable Lightness of…Multimodal Treatment Plans.”

She says, “This session offers clinicians an overview of multimodal treatment team elements and simple communication tools to use with patients who may need coaxing to engage in a well-rounded treatment plan. Learn ‘the elevator pitch’ for multidisciplinary care! Research strongly supports multimodal care plans for people with chronic pain, but coordinated, integrated, multidisciplinary rehabilitation programs are still sorely lacking in the United States.

“Enhanced engagement by our patients occurs when a practitioner has the confidence to explain the roles/strengths of different healthcare professionals. And we can help each other support the patients we have in common so they can learn to live well with chronic pain,” she continues.

Returning Pain Educators Forum favorites include: “Pain Terminology: Knowing the Difference Makes a Difference!,” “Chronic Pain Assessment,” and “Pain Therapeutics.”

New Pain Educators Forum courses and presenters include Laura Meyer-Junco, PharmD, BCPS, who will present “Life Hacks to Teach Chronic Pain Patients” and “Navigating the OTC Analgesic Aisle: What a Pain in the Aspirin!”; Mary Lynn McPherson, PharmD, MA, MDE, BCPS, CPE, who will present, “The Curbside Consult in Management”; and Jessica Geiger-Hayes, who will present “Spilled Beans and Hard Stops: How Legislation, Guidelines, and Reimbursement Policies Impact Patient Care.”

The 13th annual PAINWeek conference takes place September 3 to 7 at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.

More than 120 hours of educational content across multiple course concentrations will be presented. Topics will include acute, behavioral, integrative, and interventional pain management; chronic pain syndromes; medical/legal issues; neurology; palliative care; and pharmacotherapy.

Master classes, satellite events, and more than 30 Special Interest Sessions will take place. The American Headache Society, the Myopain Society, and the International Pelvic Pain Society will present full-day programs.

For more information and to register, visit PAINWeek.

[Source(s): Global Education Group, PRWeb]