Throughout September, NeuroMetrix Inc is donating a portion of proceeds from the sale of its Quell Wearable Pain Relief Technology to the U.S. Pain Foundation to help raise awareness of the issues impacting those who experience chronic pain.

Also during this time, as part of Pain Awareness Month in September, NeuroMetrix will offer a limited edition Quell Pain Awareness Bundle, featuring educational materials and a Pain Warrior bracelet from the U.S. Pain Foundation.

Social media activities during September include a “30-Day Challenge” campaign launched by the U.S. Pain Foundation, which aims to encourage the participation in daily activity challenges for the opportunity to win prizes, including a Quell device; and a 4-week series on the NeuroMetrix online blog LivingQuell that will discuss issues surrounding the chronic pain community and reveal new survey data.

“This month, together with the US Pain Foundation, we hope to bring greater visibility to the devastating effects of chronic pain as part of our mission to enable those living with pain to reclaim their lives,” says Shai Gozani, MD, PhD, president and CEO of NeuroMetrix, in a media release.

“We are committed to educating the public about drug-free, alternative treatments for chronic pain, making this partnership with NeuroMetrix a natural fit,” adds Paul Gileno, president and founder of the U.S. Pain Foundation. “By building awareness for this community and the treatment options that are available to them, we can help to increase access to quality care and empower those living in pain.”

[Source(s): NeuroMetrix Inc, Business Wire]