MMJ Labs LLC announces it has been awarded US Patent No 9,358,152, relating to its Cool-Pulse technology, which is featured in the company’s VibraCool Massaging Ice Therapy device.

The VibraCool device is designed to combine cold and vibration to aid muscle recovery and chronic pain relief without the use of opioids, and it is available for the knees and ankles, and for the wrists and elbows.

Cool-Pulse technology, developed in part with funding from the NIH Small Business Innovative Research program, combines high frequency low amplitude vibration and a thermal treatment pack that can add cooling to disrupt nerve impulses of pain.

The research accompanying the patent filings suggests that the vibration speeds repair at a cellular level, according to a media release from MMJ Labs LLC.

“We are thrilled about the profound effects our straightforward reusable technology can have on reducing pain medication dependence,” notes Amy Baxter, MD, founder and CEO of Atlanta-based MMJ Labs LLC, in the release.

“Understanding the multiple ways that vibration and thermal sources can interact directly to alter nerve signals is a huge step forward for post-surgical pain management, sports recovery, and chronic pain.”

Additional patent applications for the technology are pending, according to the company.

[Source: MMJ Labs LLC]