By Frank Long, MS, Editorial Director

Poor muscle strength, balance issues, and pain symptoms are among the complications that affect people recovering from COVID-19. Why shouldn’t this population have its own rehab program? Athletico thinks it should.

The Oak Brook, Ill-based physical and occupational rehab provider is offering a program directed at post-COVID-19 patients and helping them address the physical and emotional challenges that may have developed during their battle with the virus. Athletico reports that its clinical team has been researching and preparing to deliver treatment that will best help COVID-19 survivors.

“As COVID-19 emerged and began spreading across the United States, Athletico Physical Therapy witnessed the toll it was having on patients who contracted the virus,” says Travis Egli, PT, DPT, Vice President of Clinical Excellence.

“In keeping with one of our core values of continuous innovation, we understood our role in helping people recover from the illness. This includes those who are suffering from the physical and emotional side-effects of the virus and/or hospitalization, including deconditioning, pain, and weakness,” Egli says.

Program scope and services

As part of the company’s COVID-19 Rehabilitation program services will cover exercise training, education, manual therapy, breathing control, and body positioning training.

Screening for psychosocial comorbidities that frequently coincide with fatigue symptoms will also be available, according to the program description page.

Medical clearance is required for patients to enter the program. Likewise patients must pass Athletico’s patient screening protocol and pass certain CDC guidelines to be admitted to the program.

Click here to see the complete COVID-19 Recovery and Rehabilitation Program.

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