SWORD Health launches a remote pulmonary rehabilitation program to meet the urgent need for and significant shortage of rehabilitation programs for COVID-19 patients. The program pairs physical therapists with medical-grade and wearable technology so patients can make a full recovery from the comfort and safety of their homes.

Many of those who develop moderate to severe symptoms of COVID-19 will need to continue rehabilitation after they are discharged from the hospital or risk developing chronic lung issues that can significantly impair their quality of life and ability to return to work. Pulmonary rehabilitation could help improve the physical function, quality of life, mental health and vitality of these patients, SWORD Health notes in a media release.

“We take breathing for granted – but when you can’t breathe well, you can’t live well,” says Virgílio Bento, founder and CEO of SWORD Health. “Everyone who suffered from COVID-19 deserves a full recovery, especially those putting themselves at risk to save lives and keep our cities going. We want to help people put COVID-19 behind them and get their lives back.”

SWORD Health notes it accelerated the development of its fully remote pulmonary rehabilitation program and made it immediately available to businesses whose employees need it. Available in 25 US states, the program extends SWORD’s musculoskeletal therapy solution for back, joint and muscle pain. Treatment is highly personalized by SWORD physical therapists for each of their patients, and is based on the gold standard defined by the American Thoracic Society: exercise training, education, and behavior change.

“The need for pulmonary rehab is already significant, and it’s growing with the COVID-19 pandemic,” states Fernando Correia, SWORD Health chief medical officer, in the release. “With this new program, physical therapists will be able to provide immediate, clinical-grade care to more patients, without burdening our essential workers with extra health and financial costs.”

SWORD’s full digital therapy program is available to all US employers and health plans, and will be offered to essential businesses at no cost for their employees, per the release.

[Source(s): SWORD Health, PR Newswire]