CORA Health Services Inc has invested in specialty training for clinicians to address the unique needs of post-acute COVID-19 patients and also those affected by social distancing and inactivity, it announces.

“Coronavirus is affecting many Americans, whether directly through contracting the virus or indirectly through the effects from inactivity and social distancing. Recovery Programs are essential to get back to our normal work, social and recreational activities and prevent long-term consequences,” Jessica Heath Byerly, Director of Clinical Education, says in a media release.

Symptoms of COVID-19 range from mild to severe, with approximately 80% of the cases affecting the upper respiratory system. Patients that have been discharged from a hospital and are continuing their recovery at home may still have difficulty breathing, fatigue easily, and experience pain and weakness which can lead to decreased quality of life and possible long-term implications. Research suggests survivors may be at higher risk for future heart and kidney disease or stroke.

Due to the nature of this virus, CORA clinicians have also prepared to address the needs of patients that are affected by limitations in aerobic capacity and deconditioning because of extreme inactivity. Treatment plans focus on meeting the needs of each patient, such as strength, balance and pain management. As details of COVID-19 emerge, the need for early intervention exercise and recovery programs has become increasingly clear to mitigate risk of associated impairments such as decreased lung function, physical function, strength and emotional well-being.

With these programs, CORA’s licensed experts are highly trained in specific post-COVID focus areas with access to products such as pulse oximetry to monitor oxygen saturation rates and pedal exercisers to improve endurance and aerobic capacity. Clinicians can discuss the best care pathway for patients based on their impairments and functional capacity, the release explains.

CORA staff continues to take every necessary precaution, per CDC guidelines, to ensure patients have a place to engage in safe, effective physical activities in-clinic or at home for relief from acute or chronic pain. 

“Having these different options for treatment, especially for post-COVID patients that are no longer contagious, allows our clinicians to ensure the best treatment based on a patient’s abilities and needs,” Heath Byerly continues. “We believe that this an important service that we can provide to our communities and prevent any long-term implications that may occur.”

CORA Physical Therapy, headquartered in Lima, Ohio, operates more than 210 clinics in nine states. Currently, it offers in-clinic visits, telehealth, and therapy in the home. For more information about its Post-COVID Recovery Programs, visit CORA.

[Source(s): CORA Health Services Inc, PR Newswire]