DarioHealth Corp announces the publication of a new study in Frontiers in Physiology suggesting the effectiveness of the company’s musculoskeletal solution Dario Move, which uses real-time biofeedback and behavior training to reduce back pain.

Dario Move’s posture training solution helps users develop better posture through the use of a wearable biofeedback device and real-time data feedback in the solution application. The device helps train users by vibrating when the user is in a slouching position to develop awareness and adoption of proper posture.

The new research used retrospective data from 981 users engaged with Dario Move’s posture trainer for at least eight weeks to examine the relationship between the amount of time spent training, the use of the device and reduction in back pain levels. The study examined the user’s data after eight weeks of training and found significant clinical impacts:

  • Users experienced an average 50% reduction in pain.
  • 60% of users reported clinically important pain reduction after 4 weeks of biofeedback training.
  • 76% of users showed some pain reduction after 8 weeks.
  • Perceived posture quality significantly mediated the effect of weekly training duration on the pain levels.

“Addressing chronic pain with posture training is known to have a positive impact on pain, and now we are able to better define that relationship and the role of the device. We are thrilled to demonstrate our ability to use real-time data from the sensor to drive healthier musculoskeletal health behaviors through ongoing training is now positively linked clinical outcomes,” said Yifat Hershcovitz, PhD, Vice President of Clinical and Scientific Affairs at Dario.

“Dario’s proven ability to change behaviors using real-time data is transforming how people manage their health, and chronic pain is an area with great potential to help people. We are excited to share this new research and further understanding of how innovative technologies can play a critical role in healthier habit formation and better health,” said Omar Manejwala, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Dario.

[Source(s): DarioHealth Corp, PR Newswire]