Nevro Corp, a Redwood City, Calif-based company that provides chronic pain solutions, introduces its new HFX brand and updated website.

The new HFX brand platform includes the full US market launch of the company’s recent Omnia upgrade (powered by HFX Connect) and additional patient support resources (HFX Coach, formerly called Therapy Support Specialists) who are trained in remote therapy optimization, a media release from Nevro Corp notes. 

“Under our new HFX brand identity, we will be able to bring products, services and support together under one cohesive, durable framework that supports today’s solutions and tomorrow’s new offerings, whether they are new products, innovations in waveforms and frequencies, services, clinical data, or our unique forms of patient and customer support.”

— Niamh Pellegrini, Chief Commercial Officer of Nevro

Via HFX, Nevro combines its technologies, therapies and end-to-end support services, all of which are built on an foundation of clinical data. For physicians, HFX technologies and advanced therapies offer a broad range of frequencies and waveforms, including Nevro’s proprietary 10 kHz therapy.  

HFX Connect

Omnia, powered by HFX Connect, provides a wide array of SCS frequencies and waveforms, which can now also be delivered remotely by HFX Coaches to meet patient needs.  HFX Connect is universally compatible with both new and previously implanted Omnia systems, according to the company.

  • HFX Connect enables remote patient therapy optimization that leverages a data-driven programming approach informed by over 70,000 patient outcomes. With 7x more programming capacity, the system now delivers more versatility and therapy optimization without in-person visits. 
  • Exclusive HFX Cloud enables real-time, data-informed patient care by tracking and sharing each patient’s specific therapy outcomes with the patient’s physician and HFX support team.
  • Dedicated HFX Coaches provide remote, individualized patient therapy support, from pre-trial education to long-term success. In addition to existing Nevro in-person representatives, HFX Coaches deliver proactive and on-demand patient touch points.
  • Remote system diagnostics, available to both Omnia and legacy Nevro SCS patients, allow health care providers to more efficiently evaluate systems and facilitate MRI scans.

All new Omnia implants include HFX Connect, and the company plans to upgrade the majority of existing Omnia devices by the end of 2021, per the release.

[Source(s): Nevro Corp, PR Newswire]